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Pesto sauce
Pesto (Img: Provincia di Savona)


  • Basil
  • Pine nuts
  • Garlic
  • Parmesan / Pecorino
  • Salt as needed
  • Extra virgin olive oil

Pesto ( the literal meaning crushed, shredded) is a typical Ligurian sauce also included in the list of the Ligurian Foodstuffs recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
The traditional preparation involves the use of marble mortar and wooden pestle. Pound the pine nuts with basil and  garlic. Once reduced components in very small pieces, add Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Salt as needed. The mixed ingredients must be worked cold, in order not to lose their organoleptic  taste and flavour.
The sauce is mainly used as a condiment for pasta, gnocchi, troffie. It is traditionally added to  minestrone (vegetable soup), giving it a delicate and unmistakable aroma.

Design: Provincia di Savona | Credits e note legali