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Vegan Friendly

Nutrition and wellness with the vegan culture
Vegan Friendly

Finale Ligure is the first municipality in Italy to have supported the vegan community in kicking off the Vegan Friendly project. This is an initiative that focuses on the principles and fundamental pratices of vegan nutrition, starting with food and drink outlets that cater for customers who want Vegan dishes and products, free from animal proteins and derivatives.

The project has also joined with other enterprises such as libraries, pharmacies, supermarkets, bakeries, bars, kiosks, beach clubs, organic shops, beauty shops, wine bars, hotels and B & Bs that carry the Vegan Friendly logo. The idea mainly arose from an awareness that eating habits are undergoing a phase of increasing change. It recognises the important roleof local businesses in meeting different food and lifestyle needs and choices, based on ethical reasons or personal health.

The project, which was the brainchild of Michela Bardini, was proposed by the Le Tre Terre - Costa Balenae which has always been dedicated to land conservation and the welfare of visitors interested in this little corner of paradise.

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