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The cuisine of Liguria and the Finale area is an image of its people; its mountain-dwellers and its sailors. Although it has been embellished and refined over time, its base ingredients are therefore simple foods, which are cheap and widely available – the ancient glories of the region. In this sense, the cuisine also reflects the characteristics of the landscape, of the natural union of the sea and the mountains that characterise the Ligurian territory.
In addition to the typical and characteristic products throughout the region such as the product with the DOP basil pesto, focaccia, farinata, Pasqualina cake, green cakes, olive oil and all its derivatives, the various recipes fish, which stand only so-called Fugassin Finalesi products, namely chips muffins made with potatoes, and chifferi, sweets made with crescent-shaped almond, also produced in the chocolate variant.
The following recipes were kindly provided by Migliorini Institute of Finale Ligure.

Buridda (Img: Provincia di Savona)


The taste of the sea
Ingredients: soaked stockfish 900 gr dried mushrooms 15 gr pine nuts 40 gr 5 anchovy fillets black olives...

Chifferi (Img: Provincia di Savona)


Almonds, sugar and orange blossom water biscuits
Ingredienti: 130 gr sweet almond powder 130 gr sugar 2 egg whites 1 spoon of  flower blossom water 1...

Cima (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Cima at the Genoese manner

Taste of tradition
Ingredients: 1 chest pocket of veal 900 g approx 1 onion 1 carrot 2 bay leaves Ingredients for the...

Farinata di ceci (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Farinata di ceci

Chickpea “farinata”
Ingredients: Water 900 ml Chickpea flour 300g Extra virgin olive oil 50 g 10 g salt Preparation: To...

Focaccia alla genovese (Img: Provincia di Savona)


Simple and natural ingredients
Ingredients: 15 g salt 25 g yeast Manitoba flour (or flour rich in gluten) 600g Water 400 ml Sugar 2...

Focaccia di Recco (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Focaccia di Recco col formaggio

Farina, olio, acqua, sale e formaggio fresco

Acciughe fritte (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Fried anchovies

Anchovies oil salt
Ingredients: 800 gr. anchovy flour for dusting   peanut oil for frying   salt to taste lemon...

Funghi fritti (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Fried mushrooms

A delight from the hinterland
Ingredients: 500 g of porcini mushrooms or champignons 1 egg 1 tablespoon milk Black pepper 3 sprigs of...

Fiori di zucca ripieni fritti (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Fried pumpkin flowers

Fried pumpkin flowers
Ingredients: Courgette flowers Ricotta cheese Parmigiano Reggiano cheese Ham, finely chopped Chopped...

Fugassin (Img: Provincia di Savona)


Fried salted bread
Ingredients Recipe for 4 people For the dough: 500 grams of flour 00 250 grams of potatoes 1 cube...

Pesto (Img: Provincia di Savona)


Pesto sauce
Ingredients Basil Pine nuts Garlic Parmesan / Pecorino Salt as needed Extra virgin olive oil Pesto...

Lumache alla ligure (Img: Provincia di Savona)

Snails in the Liguria manner

Snails in the Liguria manner
Ingredients : 40 snails ready for cooking (cleaned and purged) 1 shallot 1 clove garlic 1 glass of tomato...

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