Small greenish oranges
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Citrus myrtifolia Raf. - sin. Citrus sinensis Pers., Citrus aurantium var. amara L.
It is an evergreen plant  no higher than 4.3 meters, which develops with fragrant white flowers . The tree produces compact fruit, round and flattened at the base, no bigger than a tangerine and of a bright green colour that turns to orange when it ripens.
Its skin is very fragrant and rich in aromatic substances, with digestive properties.
The largest crops can be found  in the Savona area, where they have been grown for centuries. Crops can be found all along the coast from 2 to 300 meters above sea level, between Varazze and Finale Ligure.
The fruit can be prepared in different ways: in syrups, candied, in liqueurs, in jam and mustard.