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Uphill from Finalborgo to Perti

Walk from the ancient village to the castles

A walk through the castles, from the old town of Finalborgo to the scenic hamlet of Perti.

Point 1

From square Piazza del Tribunale in Finalborgo take the path going uphill (called "crosa" in local dialect). Shortly after we meet Forte San Giovanni, the first fortification overlooking Finale Ligure.

Finalborgo (Ph:Provincia di Savona) Via che sale sulla collina (Ph:Provincia di Savona) Castel San Giovanni (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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Point 2

Climbing up you will see Castel Govone, which can be reached walking on a steep path between the rocks and the Mediterranean vegetation with a wonderful view of the sea.

Castel Govone Castel Govone
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Point 3

At the base of Castel Govone is the “Beretta” road leading up to Perti, passing through olive groves and cultivated fields.
From Castel Govone it is also possible to descend on Berretta road with another small path.
In Perti, St. Eusebio's Church overlooks the town.

Perti (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Perti (Ph: Provincia di Savona) St. Eusebio's Church (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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Point 4

From Perti, short on a flat road, you can reach the Church of Our Lady of Loreto, impressive building surrounded by olive groves and panoramic point.

Chiesa di N.S. di Loreto (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Chiesa di N.S. di Loreto (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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