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Dog-friendly  beaches (Ph: Rescigno-Merlo)

A dog-friendly destination

Spending time together with our pet animal

Footpaths (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

A Saturday spent with our family

To have fun together

Promenade of Finalmarina (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

A walk on the beach

From Finale Marina to Varigotti along the promenade

Castrum di Orco (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Orco Feglino Archaeological Park

Excursions to the discover of nature and archeology

Varigotti (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

The fishing village

Varigotti, the Tower of Punta Crena and the church of San Lorenzo

Ponti Romani (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

The Roman bridges

On the Roman road

Cave of Arma (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

To the discovery of caves

The “Cave of the fairies” and the “Cave of Arma”

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