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Orco Feglino Archaeological Park

Excursions to the discover of nature and archeology

Leaving Orco driving for a few minutes you can reach the Archaeological Park area, a charming  place rich in  history from which you can enjoy a gorgeous  panorama.

Point 1

Orco is one of the oldest villages in the Finalese area: perched on a hill, it is between the valleys Sciusa and Aquila. This area has always represented a strategic location: infact many  fortifications  were built in orde to  control the transits.

After a visit to Orco and the Church of San Lorenzo, you can take the main road (via Chiesa) towards Feglino and drive on the road bringing to the Castle.

Orco (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Orco (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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Point 2

You can leave your car in the parking place  and walk along an easy path that brings you to the archaeological site. Here you will see the remains of the oratory dedicated to St. George, the church of St. Lorenzino and the ruins of the Castrum of Orco, a military center  around which developed the life of the country.
Panorama dal Castrum (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Castrum (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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Point 3

St. Lorenzino's Church was built in the fifteenth century and presents a single nave, with roof beams and a squared  bell tower.

On the path that leads to St. Lorenzino's Church you can find the ruins of the Oratory which was built in dedication to St. George.

San Lorenzino (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Sentiero (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Oratorio di San Giorgio (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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Point 4

After visiting the park you can follow the path leading  to the climbing area of Monte Cucco, also  ideal for pinics.

From this point it is possible to choose among  many walking paths characterized by different levels of difficulty.

Zona pic nic e area anfiteatro (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Palestra (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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