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A Saturday spent with our family

To have fun together

The weekend has just started,  it is finally possible to enjoy relax and fun with our own's family.
We give you some tips to fully enjoy the special atmosphere of our territory, with a particular attention regarding  need and desires of children.

Point 1

Your weekend is beginning, we recommend to spend some time on the beach, enjoy fresh breeze on the shore, bathe in the crystalline Ligurian  sea and take your time relaxing and getting tanned. Our beaches are at your disposal: either free or equipped bathing establishments will offer you everything you need for an unforgettable holiday.    
Spiaggia Pista biglie (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Minigolf (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Giochi sul lungomare (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Point 2

Are you hungry? Bathing in the sea actually can make you hungry. In the small streets of the historical center you can find a wide selection of shops, small markets, cafés that will provide you with many local specialties: a slice of cake, a fruit juice, an ice-cream, a sandwich, focaccia or pizza. Choose according to your taste!


Point 3

After lunch you can visit  the Archaeological Museum of Finale in Finalborgo, 800 mt from the town center. Every Saturday afternoon it is possible to take part to interesting educational workshops, for both children and adults. 

Museo Civico Archeologico

Point 4

After a day spent at the museum, you can enjoy a funny experience on the  "Turtle Express", a small train which brings from the end of  May up to the midle of September from Finalmarina to Finalborgo and the way back: it leaves every evening at 9 pm with a frequency of 30 minutes. 

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