Territory Guides

Not to lose even lesser-known corners of a locality

Ask an experienced guide is the best way not to lose wonderful places and hidden corners of our territory.
In this section you will have access to information relating to all the guides of the territory, which will ensure that your stay is full of discoveries and paths in a stunning area.

Types of guides:

  • Touristic guides: use of a tour guide, regularly enrolled in the regional or national level and in order with the enrollment of the current year,
    More information: Tourist Guide List - Regione Liguria
  • Tour leaders: accompanies individuals or groups of people on trips to the country or abroad, by the implementation of the program prepared by the organizers, it gives full support to individuals or organized groups, provides significant elements and news of tourist interest on transit areas outside the scope of competence of the tour guides and environmental and hiking guides. 
    More information: Tourist Guide List - Regione Liguria
  • Environmental and hiking guides: is a specialized guide who accompanies individuals or groups of people to visit natural environments, museums, also to illustrate the characteristics and evolution of ecosystems in Liguria and in particular of the regional protected areas, without prejudice to the competencies tourist guides in the field of landscape and natural beauty, and those of mountain guides.
    More information: Tourist Guide List - Regione Liguria
  • Alpine Guides: It Is Mountain Guide who plays professionally, even in a non-exclusive, non-continuous, the following activities: a) accompanying people in both ascents on rock and ice or hiking in the mountains; b) accompanying people climbing ski mountaineering or ski excursions; c) teaching of mountaineering techniques and ski mountaineering with the exception of skiing techniques of downhill slopes and cross-country.
    Alpine Guides of Liguria are professionals established by the Regional Law 17 December 2012, n. 44 "Order of the mountain guide profession" - (OJ 3rd Special Series - Regions n. 9 of 02.03.2013), under the willing of the Law 2 January 1989, n. 6 "Order of the mountain guide profession." (OJ 9 of 12.1.1989) notes: Entry into force of the law: 27.1.1989.

Below are lists of the Territory Finale Guide:

Ufficio Guide del Finale Ligure

Guides Office Finale Ligure

Alpine guides and Guides Lock Place
Collegio Regionale Guide Alpine della Liguria

Collegio Regionale Guide Alpine della Liguria

Legal organ of self-government of the profession
CAI Club Alpino Italiano

Italian Alpine Club

CAI Finale Ligure
Finale Nature, Landscape & Archeotrekking

Finale Nature, Landscape & Archeotrekking

Authorized Environmental and hiking guides
Blumountain Guide Alpine

Blumountain Mountain Guides

Climbing, snow skiing, canyoning and exploration
Società Guide Alpine Finale

Società Guide Alpine Finale

Vertical Experiences
Mountain Guides Italy (Ph: Web)

Mountain Guides Italy

Ski, Climb, Bike
Mountain biking and cycling guides (Ph: Comune Finale Ligure)

Mountain biking and cycling guides

List Mountain Bike Guides Finale
Speleological Group Savonese

Speleological Group Savonese

Speleological Exploration, documentation and study of the territory
Guide Subacquee e Snorkeling (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Snorkeling and Dive Guides

List Snorkeling and Dive Guides