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MUDIF - Diffused Museum of Finale

MUDIF - Museo Diffuso del Finale
MUDIF - Museo Diffuso del Finale MUDIF - Museo Diffuso del Finale MUDIF - Museo Diffuso del Finale Compagnia di San Paolo Cappella Oliveri Santa Caterina Arma del Sambuco Basilica San Biagio Basilica di San Giovanni Castel Gavone Chiesa N.S. Loreto Chiesa San Lorenzo, Orco Feglino Chiesa San Lorenzo, Varigotti Grotta Pollera Palazzo del Tribunale

Finale area at a glance
Finale claims a rich and diverse archaeological and monumental heritage, spread on a high quality and original territory, hosting evidence of internationally relevant prehistoric phases, in a peculiar geological context characterized by the “Finale Stone”. The medieval events are connected to the Marquisate Del Carretto, who commissioned prestigious examples of Renaissance architecture.

Despite their value and the in-depth studies lead, many of these monuments are little known and hardly ever opened and accessible both to the local public and to the many tourists visiting Finale.
What is MUDIF – Diffused Museum of Finale
MUDIF – Diffused Museum of Finale aims at knowing, enhancing and preserving the uniqueness of Finale cultural landscape, by sharing and promoting the scientific knowledge of its territory, the organization and coordination of new ways of enjoying its archeological, monumental and naturalistic heritage. At the root there is the awareness that knowing a place leads to strengthening the sense of belonging and contribute to a more careful approach to the fragilities of its territory.



MUDIF is based on a well-established network of public institutions, associations and subjects already active on the territory and will take advantage or the financing provided by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo in the framework of the contest ‘The networking of cultural, urban and territorial resources’ .

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MUDIF - Museo Diffuso del Finale
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