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Walking under arches

From the Triumphal Arch of Carlo Alberto to the Arch of Margaret of Spain

The Triumphal Arch of Carlo Alberto is located at the entrance of the historic center, Via San Pietro; walking in the typical Ligurian alley you arrive at the Basilica (Collegiate Church) of Saint John the Baptist and then to  Piazza Vittorio Emanuele where the Arch of  Margaret of Spain gives access to the promenade and to the beach. Enjoy a short break through the romantic historica center, where there are shops, bars, ice cream shops, bakeries. Don't miss to enjoy the typical Ligurian focaccia, for breakfast or for a snack and to make a visit to the shops selling  local products such as olive oil, wine, bitter oranges juice.

Point 1

The triumphal arch that stands at the eastern entrance of the town, adjacent to the Viale delle Palme, was erected in 1836 to celebrate the passage of King Carlo Alberto.

Arco Trionfale di Carlo Alberto (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Point 2

The Basilica (Collegiate Church) of Saint John the Baptist is one of the nicest churches in Liguria, attributed by tradition to Bernini, but which is actually the work of local architects and artists who followed the Bernini's style.

Collegiata di S. Giovanni Battista (Ph: Rescigno-Merlo)

Point 3

The Triumphal Arch of Margaret of Spain built in 1666 (realized by the architect Sebastiano Bocciardo) on the square Vittorio Emanuele II, recalls the passage of the Infant Margherita Teresa, seventeen-year-old daughter of Philip IV of Spain and sister of Charles II, from Finalmarina to Vienna. She was the bride of the Emperor Leopold I of Austria.

Arco di Margherita di Spagna (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Point 4

You can go back to the the Arch of Carlo Alberto along the promenade of Finalmarina, full of palm trees and greenery, open to playgrounds for children, benches and many accesses to the bathing establishments, some of which are open all year long for heliotherapy.

Passeggiata di Finalmarina (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
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