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Cycnus Diving Center
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Cycnus Diving Center is working since 1978 in Finale Ligure: the term Cycnus comes from the name of  the vessel belonging to a small fleet of boats used for archaeological research that operated on behalf of the Institute for  the Ligurian International Studies. It was a wooden boat  30m long, which undertook  many archaeological campaigns, especially to the discovery of  the Roman cargo ships found in Diano Marina and Albenga. The Cycnus sank in 1981 off the coast of San Remo because of adverse weather conditions. The Cycnus Diving Center is equipped and prepared for the conduct of diving activities, supported by an experience gained over years.
Diving excursions:
The team is composed by qualified diving instructors with regular licence given by Regione Liguria. All the excursions start from the tourist  harbour of Capo San Donato in Finale Ligure. They dispose of all the necessary equipment: tanks, jackets, wetsuits, regulators, aqualungs, etc.
From there it is possible to reach the best spots  for diving in a short time, while sailing along the coast.
Boat available:
boat length. 9.50 mt. - 270 hp engine - brought 14 sub - emergency equipment on board - 20 full diving equipment - one compressor. It also carries the  diving equipment: 15 single tank It., Wetsuits, regulators, pressure gauges, jackets, ballast. Reload ARA, Nitrox and Trimix.

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