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Padri Benedettini Abbey

Monastero Abbazia dei Padri Benedettini (Ph: Provincia di Savona) Abbazia dei Padri Benedettini (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

The monastery houses the venerated panel of the Virgin and Child by Nicolò From Voltri (late fourteenth century and beginning of the XV) and various works of art that date from the most flourishing period of the religious complex (early sixteenth century): Three terracotta groups the school of Della Robbia (lactating Virgin and Child, the Pieta, the Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist); the great tabernacle of the fifteenth century with the Crucifixion and four Saints side.

In the first half of the fifteenth century he lived a long time in the monastery between Antonio from Venice, the famous wood carver, who left a group of first-rate works (furniture of the choir and other minor items).

The Olivetan monks remained in Finalpia for three centuries, until 1799 when they were hit by successive requisitions the Napoleonic invasion. After alternate rotations between secular, olivetani and cassinensi, in 1905 the monastery was finally returned to Subiaco monks living there still.

Via Santuario, 59
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