Towns – an Italian journey

"Passaborgo". Promotion initiative for 1000 villages
Passaborgo. Borghi – Viaggio Italiano

Towns – an Italian journey is the promotion initiative for 1000 villages, from the hinterland to the coast, as places of slow tourism, of authenticity and quality of life. Started in 2017, declared by MIBACT “Year of Villages”, it aims at the development, on a national and international level, of Italian little villages, rich in witnesses of the past and still keepers of history, tradition and identity of the territory. Unique but still little known localities, where the visitor can reclaim a journey dimension on a human scale, far from the conventional tourist routes.

The initiative, carried out in the framework of touristic development inter-regional projects DPR 158/07, is promoted by 18 Regions with Region Emilia-Romania as leader, in collaboration with MIBACT.

In 2018 PASSABORGO saw its debut. Tourists can enroll on site, and download the app "PASSABORGO" in order to visit as many towns as they can and get the title of “Traveler of the Year of Towns”. On his arrival in the involved towns, every traveler will be geo-localized by the app and will be able to download his presence visa. Moreover, by showing the local operators this visa, the traveler will be able to take advantage of the special offer every town will prepare.




In Finalborgo, in the Oratorio dei Disciplinanti, (structure hosting free artistic exhibitions organized by the Tourism and Culture Bureau of the Municipality), an information corner (IAT) has been created.