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Outdoor Finale Ligure-APS

Hiking, Climbing and Biking
Outdoor Finale Ligure-APS

Outdoor APS-Ligure Finale is an ambitious project that was born from the idea to make known and promote the Finale hinterland, with a new way of doing tourism.
Hoping to convey our passion, we have tried to make it accessible to everyone, even the less experienced and the most distant, the beauty of our country telling, with photos and videos, routes and trails mapped by us. MTB tracks (Enduro, Downhill, hiking), climbing areas and itineraries for walks and excursions).

If you enjoy hiking, climbing or cycling lover, Finale Ligure will remain in your heart. As the world capital of outdoor, the Finale, offers a huge variety of scenarios and locations where you can devote yourself to your favorite sport.

The Finale is fortunate to offer the greatest biodiversity of Liguria. Therefore ask you to preserve the land, the natural habitat of numerous species indigenous protected.

Outdoor Ligure-APS Finale intends to operate by pursuing the objective of protecting and enhancing the natural and cultural heritage, sustainable development and management of the landscape and its transformations through actions / projects of integrated care and maintenance.

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