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FLOW Finale Ligure Outdoor Week

by Vibram
FLOW Finale Ligure Outdoor Week
Flow Festival Flow Festival Flow Festival

The whole area has a long tradition of hosting high-level sport events and it is famous all over the world for its sea, for the mountains and for its historic towns.

This is the region where important pages have been written in the history of international climbing and where some significant milestones have been established for mountain-biking as well. The coast, famous summer destination with stunning beaches and great spots for surfing, is steeped in history: navigation here dates back to the age of the maritime republics, such as Genoa and Noli, that flourished along these coasts. In 2001 the first international Specially Protected Area of the Mediterranean was established here: the International Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary.

FLOW – Finale Ligure Outdoor Week – captures and represents the drive for the outdoors that is so deeply-rooted in the region. Not surprisingly, the event will include two of the most important sport events of the year: ‘Finale For Nepal’ and ‘FinalEnduro’ – the grand finale of the Enduro World Series racing season – that will, respectively, open and close the 2017 edition of FLOW. In between these two events, an action-packed schedule – the Flow Days – will provide for a real festival of the outdoors.

Several locations will be visited by this large event. Amongst them: Finalborgo, Final Marina, Finale’s harbour and the Fortress of Castelfranco. All these places will become very familiar to those who pay them a visit, to attend competitions, take part in the activities or just to visit the vast exhibition areas.

“FLOW represents a great opportunity and the best way to engage with the entire sport community and with the local society – sharing their emotions. FLOW represents the journey we decided to embark on and it means to showcase our region as the unique place where everyone can practice different sports in an amazing setting ” declares Carlo Mamberto, president of Finale Outdoor Resort and organizer of Finale For Nepal.

From the clear waters of the Ligurian sea throughout the dense network of trails winding their way through the hinterland and its valleys, up to the mountains and to the big limestone walls, the typical rock in this part of the world: you will come across villages, small churches and prehistoric settlements now covered by vegetation, but great testimonies to the fact that people chose to settle here thousands of years ago in this rich, varied and lively region.

FLOW gives everyone the chance of getting to know the area of Finale. There is something for everyone, no matter what the gear is, what kind of experience you have or what approach you are looking for: by bike, on foot, in a boat, with rope and climbing shoes, on a surfboard, to perfect your skills or to simply start practising an outdoor activity.

Professionals of the outdoors and international athletes will be at hand to guide all participants in one of the many adventures on offer at FLOW; knowing their stories and being inspired by their life will make the experience even more unique.
This is FLOW: more than an industry show, a competition, a demo event or a busy weekend, this is going to be a complete outdoor experience that will thrill body and soul.

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