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EWS Enduro World Series - Trophy of Nations

rd8-Finale-Ligurephotos (PH: by Matt Wragg)

FinalEnduro is an international sports' event founded in 2008 which consists in the organization of the final stage of the World Championship of Enduro MTB discipline.

The discipline, as well as being the newest among the specialties of off-road cycling, is also among the most spectacular and has a race format very similar to that of the rally, which sees the "transfers" alternation (route sections not timed, but ranging paths within a time limit) to "special tests" (racec within stretches of time, mainly downhill).

The great development of the discipline of Enduro MTB has brought in a few years to the creation of a world championship of Enduro MTB, leading to the development in 2013 of the international circuit of Enduro World Series. Since then, every yaer the final competition of the circuit takes place in Finale Ligure. The most important athletes of MTB meet here, so that the town has been consacrated one of the most important places for MTB around the world.
Thanks to the mild and never too cold weather all year round, Finale Ligure is the perfect location for such sports' competitions and for the practice of mountain biking: from the first year the Finalenduro has been organized in October (in 2016 on the 1st and the 2nd of October) and is twinned with another great international cycling event of Finale, the 24 hours, which is held every year in May.

Finalenduro is one of the closing contest of the cycling season, and has become since its early editions one ot the most important event of the whole sports' calendar.

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