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Festival Un Libro per l'Estate

Meetings with authors and book presentations
Festival Un Libro per l'Estate
Cento Fiori Eventi Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estate Festival Un Libro per l'Estat

For a quarter of a century now, the Cento Fiori Bookshop and later the Cultural Association "Cento Fiori Eventi" has organized, under the patronage of the Municipality of Finale Ligure, a series of meetings with authors and book presentations - Un Libro per l'Estate - held from mid-June to September in some particularly significant places in the historic centre of Finale: Piazzale Buraggi on the seaside promenade; Piazza San Giovanni, in front of the churchyard of the Basilica; the Fortress of Castelfranco, recently restored to its splendour thus offering tourists and Finale inhabitants the chance to experience it and use its many evocative spaces and places.

Over the years the festival has also been enriched with new content, including short theater pieces, poetry readings and even musical contributions, now configured as a literary festival. And it has gone beyond the usual places of the city center to involve the nearby and renowned Varigotti and, after the acquisition of the Libreria Del Conte, also the town of Loano where in 2018 a series of meetings were held in connection with Finale review, that with its about forty appointments per season can be considered the richest and most varied literary review of Western Liguria.

But in addition to this wealth of appointments in the calendar, Un libro per l'Estate has hosted many of the protagonists of the Italian cultural scene and the publishing industry over the years:
Margherita Hack, Oliviero Toscani, Paolo Mieli, Luigi Zingales, Marco Travaglio, Ernesto Ferrero, Luca Ricolfi, Massimo Fini, Gian Arturo Ferrari, Massimo Recalcati, Aldo Grasso, Domenico Quirico, Massimo Salvadori, Ferruccio De Bortoli, Paolo Mieli, Luciano Fontana, Enrico Letta; or, among the narrators, Biamonti, Vitali, Luzzati, Margherita Oggero, Rossana Campo, Erri De Luca, Fabio Genovesi, Luca Bianchini, Paolo Giordano, Nadia Terranova, Benedetta Cibrario, Emanuela Abbadessa and many others.

Especially when the protagonists are the great names of the national press or the highest representatives of Italian culture, our squares are filled with hundreds of people. And at the end of the season the festival counts several thousand presences.

This year 2020, following the Covid emergency, with the necessary logistical reorganization for health purposes, for the first time A Book for Summer will move to the Finalborgo district inside the beautiful Cloisters of Santa Caterina in order to better ensure the respect of safety measures, with the hope of being able to return soon to fill the squares of Finale safely and with the joyful participation of always.

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