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St. Sebastiano's Church

Chiesa di San Sebastiano di Perti (Ph: Provincia di Savona)
Chiesa di San Sebastiano di Perti (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

In the lower part of the village of Perti, located in the valley (called Perti Basso), at the very beginning of the road leading to Perti Alto, there is the Church of San Sebastian, built in the late medieval style, around 1489, by Cardinal Carlo Domenico Del Carretto, as testified by the coat of arms above the door. The building is of particular interest since it has undergone a few changes over time: excluding the Renaissance portal and the baroque altars, the church is visible in its original medieval structure.

The facade has three “oculi” (holes), decorated with red brickwork frames and white motifs and Gothic arches with notched frame. The small bell tower is sail-shaped, as well as that of the nearby Church of St. Eusebius in Perti Alto. In its interior, the church has three naves with round arches and pillars made of Finale stone. The ornaments of the capitals and bases reminds of the influences of the revived classicism. To the right handside, there is a fresco depicting the Blessed Damien Fulcheri preaching, dated 1493.

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