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I Lamoi

I Lamoi (Ph: Sito web)

Vincenzo and Teresa Pamparato welcome you in their farmhouse "I Lamoi" ​​in the countryside organic farm situated in a area rich in charm and beauty where the owner puts at your disposal its experience agro-technicians. The farm name has a particular history and is directly connected with who runs the place because in the past generations Boero family (hence the biological name of the company) was operating environment agri-livestock and in particular in the milk produced trade from their livestock.
The milk was sold around Final Borgo and part of Final Marina in the "lamme" (Ligurian dialect means containers for milk) very large who were also the only ones in the whole area of ​​that size. Because once used to identify families with a nickname that was automatically renamed the family of Lamoi (that is, those who used "lamme" great).
Tipycal products: D.O.P. of oil, olives and horticultural products. All strictly organic.
Direct sale of oil, jams, jars of oil products or sweet and sour fruits and vegetables in season.

Via della Pineta
Reading room Solarium
Kitchen use TV Wi-Fi
Design: Provincia di Savona | Credits e note legali