Parks and children gardens

For relaxing moments
Giardini (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Park Luigi Fontana

Gardens and children gardens
Giardini di Varigotti (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Gardens of Varigotti

Alongside Via Aurelia, there is  a small well-kept area with many benches in the...
Lungomare di Varigotti (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Promenade of Varigotti

The boardwalk allows you to walk in realx and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. The...
Calvisio children playground (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Resistenza square playground

Quiet and little garden with benches and children playground in the middle of Resistenza...
Passeggiata di Finalpia (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Promenade of Finalpia

The promenade of Finalpia is a long walk on the beach, which allows you to arrive,...
Giochi per bambini (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Gardens and children gardens

A small space with playgrounds for children and comfortable benches in the shade along...
Parco Giacomo Puccini Vela (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Park Giacomo Puccini Vela

Children gardens.
Pista per gioco delle biglie (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

The track! Marbles track

Along the Finalmarina waterfront inside the children playground there is a track for...
Francesco Gatti Gardens (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Francesco Gatti Gardens

Via Brunenghi is the road which leads from Finalmarina to Finalborgo: along this road, it...
Tartaruga Express (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Tartaruga Express

Excursions: Every evening from June to mid September starting from 9 pm for...
Giochi lungomare Finale Ligure (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Children's playground

On the promenade in Finalmarina, children can enjoy themselves in a recently renovated...
Passeggiata di Finalmarina (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Promenade of Finalmarina

The Finalmarina waterfront is not only a long walk on the beach, but also a place of...
Fitness Area (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

Fitness Area

Along  Finalmarina's seaside there is a wellness area: equipments available for...
Minigolf (Ph: Provincia di Savona)


The  minigolf is by the pier dedicated to the local sailors