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Tourist tax 2021

Anno 2021

The tourist tax was introduced by the Municipality of Finale Ligure with Town Council deliberation n. 128 of 21st December 2017. The income of the tax exclusively aims at financing interventions with regard to tourism and town promotion, including support to accommodation facilities, as well as interventions of maintenance, fruition and recovery of cultural and environmental local heritage and local public services in the field of tourism and culture; art.2 of the regulation defines the purposes and destination of the tax.

Tourist tax 2021
For 2021 both the same period of application of the tourist tax and the same rates established for the year 2020 remain valid.


Accomodation facilities: hotels, inns, apart-hotels (RTA)


tariff €/day per person

1 star

€ 0,50

2 star

€ 0,70

3 star

€ 1,00

4 stars and more

€ 1,50

Accommodation facilities in the open air: campings, tourist villages, former park holidays (art.68 Regional Law 32/2014)

Tariff €/day per person

€ 0,50

Other accommodation facilities:


tariff €/day per person

  • Guest houses

  • Farmhouses

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Holiday houses and apartments (C.A.V.)

  • Vacation houses

€ 1,00

Youth hostels

€ 0,50

Other tourist accomodation typologies: furnished flats for tourist use:

Tariff  €/day a person

€ 1,00

Finally the annual amount has been established for the year 2021 in € 25,00 for so-called settled customers in open air accommodation facilities.
The same application and exemption modalities of year 2018 will remain in force.

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