Palazzo del Tribunale (Palace of the Court) Museum Itinerary

Court Palace: 700 years of history and arts
Percorso Museale Palazzo del Tribunale

The new museum in Finalborgo

From the 30th September 2017 Finalborgo offers the visit of a new Museum, located inside the Court Palace together the with the so-called Theater of Udienze, in the little square bearing the same name.

The Museum is the third step of a cultural and social project called “From the law, which is the same for everyone, to the culture, which is a good of everyone”, which was presented in 2016 by the Association Baba Jaga to a cultural contest issued by the Bank Fundation San Paolo, winning it among other projects. The main aim of the project is to give the palace a new life, in that way opening the location to the public and using it as a cultural container in which it is possible to organize cultural performances, events, theatre, guided visits. The Palace belongs to the local history and culture: after a long period of inactivity, it comes back to its ancient splendour and gives back to the local culture a piece of its history. Thanks to explanatory panels, the museum gives important pieces of information about the history fo the Court Palace in the last 700 years. The first hall deals with the change uf use of the building itself, at firts headquarter of the Marquisate held by Del Carretto's family to the domination of the Spanish Reign at firts and of the Genoese Republic afterwards.


Cultural Association Baba Jaga

    Piazza del Tribunale
    Full ticket 5.00 euros - reduced 3.00 euros
    Every second weekend of the month, hours 15.00 / 19.00. Extraordinary opening by reservation for groups (minimum 10 people) by calling 3274743920
    Palazzo del Tribunale (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Percorso Museale Palazzo del Tribunale Percorso Museale Palazzo del Tribunale Associazione Baba Jaga (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Reperto Libro (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Percorso del Palazzo (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Palazzo del Tribunale - Facciata (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Attività con le scuole (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Attività con le scuole (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Loggetta (Ph: Associazione Baba Jaga) Teatro delle Udienze Teatro delle Udienze (Ph: Provincia di Savona)