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Lilac Flag

Attention and reception of tourists with disabilities
What it means to be a common Lilac Flag certificate?
It means having a range of services and projects in place that exceed the legal obligations, which are designed to promote the reception of tourists with motor disabilities, visual, auditory, and eating disorders.

What is the Lilac Flag?
The Lilac Flag is several things, including
  • a special attention and sensitivity attestation by municipalities (and private operators in the future) to the disabled Tourism with an emphasis on mobility disabilities, visual, auditory, and eating disorders.
  • a push to improve the existing as well as providing information and support
  • a network or inter-communal work in favor of accessibility tourist that goes to the benefit also of disabled and non-disabled residents on the territory
  • support to municipalities that want to gain recognition by indicating achievable initiatives and how to access funds of national and European public funding
  • continued support to the promotion of services offered by municipalities and certified activities through a widespread dissemination of information on preferential channels of potential users
  • support to facilitate the crossing of tourism demand accessible or inclusive and the offer of our municipalities and the accommodation of their territory
  • for private operators that apply for certificates, the Lilac Flag is presented as a choice of precise turned to a market marketing, only to motor disability, than between Europe and the United States, 30 million potential users.
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