Green Flag

Beaches suitable for children
Green Flag

Finale Ligure with its long beaches has been awarded a valuable prize: the Green Flag, which demonstrates the great sensitivity shown towards the family target.
In Italy there are 134 beaches "recommended by pediatricians" because they are particularly suitable for children. If once the most sustainable places and engaged in environmental education was awarded the Blue Flag, today next to it you can also wave O'er the green flag which is attributed to the beaches of the children. This recognition is awarded by a committee of 196 pediatricians and led by the Milanese physician Italo Farnetani. Since 2008, when it began the selection, they were consulted well in 2105 pediatricians.

The characteristics for recognition are substantially the following:

  • the water must be clear and low near the shore;
  • the beach has to be very spacious and equipped with umbrellas suf fi ciently spaced from each other;
  • the sand should be suf fi ciently end so that children can use it to their castles;
  • must be present on site games available for younger guests and spaces dedicated to breastfeeding and diaper changes;
  • it required the constant presence of a rescue team and lifeguards for all emergencies;
  • Nearby must be present different structures for the entertainment of children and parents, namely restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream shops and playgrounds.

Despite the rather rigid criteria, in 2016 were added as many as 34 beaches to the already large group of beaches surveyed until 2015. This means that the resort towns are sensitive to the welfare of their guests and thus make investments, also considerable, although the offer customers what is necessary to achieve the purpose. The selection criteria used by the two commissions are truly objective since it is operated based on surveys carried out by Italian institutional structures such as the regional and the Harp of mayors ordinances.

In Liguria, the places awarded by green and blue flag over in Finale Ligure, are Lavagna (GE), Lerici (SP), Noli (SV).
The award was also reported in the July / August edition of the magazine "Life Camper Travel Easy".