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Varigotti Festival

Italian Award for new songwriters
Varigotti Festival
Varigotti Festival Varigotti Festival Varigotti Festival Varigotti Festival


Varigotti Festival

25-26 July 2019 - Varigotti

In the wonderful Mediterranean village of Varigotti, every yaer at the end of July the National Award for Emerging Songwriters - Varigotti Festival takes place, an event organized by the Cultural association "E20" as part of Liguria Indies Festival, an event sponsored by the Municipality of Finale Ligure and supported by the local association Varigotti Insieme. The event is associated with the music festival "Castelrock" and with the "Liguria Indies Festival", with the "Network of Festivals" and the "M.E.I.".

The event has as its aim the promotion of songwriters and emerging groups, who today too often lack visibility, presenting and supporting artists who are representative of actual trends in the Italian song. Through a national competition, ten artists are selected and compete for the "National Award for Emerging Songwriters".

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