Tourist Card & Tourist Tax and tourist Shuttle Bus

Tourist Card
Card Turistica e Imposta di Soggiorno

Finale Ligure from the 1st July up to the 31st August 2018 is applying the tourist tax (tassa di soggiorno): all the municipalities in the province of Savona in which it is applied, together with the Chamber of Commerce Riviere di Liguria, have created the tourist card, which gives to those who have paied the tourist tax the opportunity of having discounts on many local activities (museums, bathing establishments, outdoor activities, Genoa Acquarium, Aqua Park Le Caravelle, etc) and above all it gives the opportunity to travel for free by the Tourist Bus which is travelling every day from Finalborgo to Varigotti (Tourist Bus information):

You find a list of all the discounts in:


These are the discounts applied in Finale Ligure:

»Museo Archeologico del Finale Cloisters of Santa Caterina 17024 Finalborgo – Finale Ligure
tel. +39019690020 - -

Opening times:

  • July and August : Tue – Sun  10-12 am and 4-7 pm - closed on mondays
  • Further evening openings (9-11 pm):  5th, 12th, 26th July - 2nd, 18th August 
  • From September to June:   Tue – Sun  9-12 am and 4.30-5 pm - closed on mondays   

Discounts / savings -20%  on the full rate ticket  (adults)

»Tourist train Tortuga Express by Ditta Sortino  

Departure from the sea promenade (lungomare) by Piazza di Spagna - tel +3901969311 / cell. +39337278872

Discounts / savings -euro 1,00 per family

»Cycnus Diving Center Capo San Donato Tourist harbour
info & booking: marco +393357609996 / danilo +393474649267
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Discounts / savings  -10% on diving activities

»Castelletto Beach & Restaurant
Via Aurelia, Finalmarina - Info & bookings +39019600106 / +393396679456 -

Discounts / savings -5% for services concerning bathing establishment  (beach umbrella, sunchair, changing room etc). -10%  for restaurant at lunchtime.

»20Riviera  Varigotti - equipped free beach
SS 1 Via Aurelia, 56 - Varigotti per info +393913201547

Discounts / savings: -1 euro on the services concerning bathing equipment rental valid for entrance up to 1 pm.


»Car park by  Malpasso Beach - Finale Ambiente Spa
Via Calice, 48 – 17024 Finale Ligure (SV) - Telefono: +390196816023 -

Discounts / savings: -1 euro on the daily rate of the car park by Malpasso Beach (valid for entrance up to 1.30 pm).

»Summer excursions included in the programme organized by  Finale Natura landscape & Acheotrekking  up to  31st August 2018).
It is necessary to book at one of the following numbers: laura 3932093889  - paola 3490936366 - carlo 3478900194 - rossella 3404735752  - tiziana 3333746752 - francesca 3338771184 e  Museo Archeologico 019690020
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Discounts/savings:  -1 euro discount on every excursion up to the 31st of August 2018


»Tourist shuttle bus

Finalborgo - Finalpia - Varigotti (and back) from 9am to 8pm every day up to the 9th September included, and also in the following days: 15-16-22-23 e 27-28-29-30 September 2018. car park available at the departure (just for tourist card possessors, with a car park  mark given by the accomodation facility in which you are staying). For further information:



Tourist cards are not given to children under 12 years old, since they don't pay the tourist card.

There are the current exemptions:

  • (children under twelve)

  • people working for the accomodation with a study or contractual relationship and not resident in Finale Ligure;

  • volunteers offering their service in Finale on the occasion of environmental emergency;

  • people who are hosted in the accomodation and who are at Public Authority disposal due to emergency situations;

  • people offering rehabilitating therapies in structures located in Finale Ligure or in the Province;

  • people assisting patients admitted to health facilities located in this town or in the province, up to one person per patient;

  • both parents accompanying subjects referred to in letter f) and patients referred to in letter g), when under 18;

  • bus drivers and tourist guides assisting organized groups.

  • Organized groups should be composed by at least 20 people and the journey should be organized through package travel by a professional operator though one single booking. He should be lodged in the same accomodation, save in exceptional circumstances;

  • disabled and not self-sufficient people, whose conditions are certified by the existing regional and/or national regulation of country of origin, and one person caring for them;

  • people belonging to the State and local police and other armed forces, as well as firefighters accomodated for service requirements.

Guests must be given, at the moment of their arrival and at the payment of the tax, the Tourist Card directly from the hotel, B&B, Rta, camping, etc, that is to say from the accomodation facility in which they are staying. Except the above mentioned exempions, every person paying the Tourist Tax must be given one. Ex: a family formed by 2 adults and 2 children under 12 will receive 2 cards. On the card the name of the owner and the stamp of the accomodation must be clearly visible.

Regarding the shuttle bus Finalborgo – Varigotti, it is possible to leave the car in the car park in Finalborgo, where the shuttle bus leaves every day, only putting on your car dashboard the mark the hotels will give you. It must be very well visible.

For any further information, write to

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