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I Borghi più belli d'Italia

History, Art, Culture, Environment and Traditions

The Club Borghi più Belli d´Italia was founded in 2001 by the Consulta del Turismo dell´ Associazione dei Comuni Italiani (ANCI) and was born from the need to promote the great heritage of History, Art, Culture, Environment and Traditions in small Italian towns that have generally been marginalized for large part by the flow of visitors and tourists.

To enhance these little gems has decided to establish a Club di Prodotto that would gather the just requirements of those wiser and more sensitive directors to the protection and enhancement of the village and that they intended to participate with conviction to a true associative structure itself. To be eligible you must correspond to a set of structural requirements, such as the architectural harmony of the urban fabric and the quality of public and private buildings, and of a general nature pertaining to the livability of the village in terms of activities and services to citizen. The Club aims to ensure through the protection, recovery and enhancement, maintaining a wealth of monuments and memories that would otherwise be lost forever.
Finalborgo has joined the club in 2003.


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