Union of the Municipalities of Finalese

Union formed between the towns of Finale Ligure and Orco Feglino
Unione dei Comuni del Finalese

The Union of Municipalities called "UNIONE DEI COMUNI DEL FINALESE", located in the Municipality of Finale Ligure, was formed between the Towns of Finale Ligure and Orco Feglino.

The Union's territorial scope coincides with that of the municipalities that make it up. Identified with the name "UNIONE DEI COMUNI DEL FINALESE", it has its own coat of arms.

The Union was formed in order to bring together and to join some of the functions and services of the participating municipalities. Among them, also tourism: promotion of the area, sport and recreation, culture and cultural heritage, events.

Since September 1, 2016, the functions related to social services, education and sports, and, as of October 1, 2016, the functions relating to tourism and culture, and as of November 1, 2016, the functions on single points of production activities and trade, are managed by the Union of Municipalities of the Finale.
I am therefore going to update the information contained in turismo.comunefinaleligure.it site.

The organs of the Union of Municipalities are:


Unione dei Comuni del Finalese - Comuni di Finale Ligure e Orco Feglino