Secure Reservation Receptive Structures of the Finalese

Hotel and Tourism Association of Finale Ligure and Varigotti
Prenotazione Sicura (Ph: Provincia di Savona)

On site it is possible to make online reservations at the facilities of Finale.

The choice can be made by type of structure, price, classification, services offered.

Associazione Alberghi e Turismo di Finale Ligure e Varigotti - Vicolo Massaferro, 14
I - 17024 Finale Ligure (SV)
Telefono: +39 019 694 252 - Fax: +39 019 695 036


The tourist information office (IAT) of Finalmarina is available at + 39-019681019 to provide information on the availability of accommodation facilities.
The Municipality of Finale Ligure is indemnified against any claims concerning the activity of
online bookings related to in the site in question.